FLUZO for advertisers

The new generation of research for cross-media advertising


Resolve cross-media measurement challenges

FLUZO solves the most important challenges that come with other, more conventional advertising methods.
How? Through the unified measurement of every campaign, making it easier to analyze people's perception on advertising and its effects.

From source fragmentation to single-source measurement on a single panel

The industry uses different, difficult to compare measurement sources for each media.

The FLUZO solution is a single source of data for TV, radio, online video/audio (including fenced gardens) and display, with profiling information and data on digital and cell phone behavior, and the interaction between panelists and brands in an online environment.

Additionally, all data is obtained from the same sample of people (with no data merging)

From declarative studies to passive measurement

Current cross-media studies are based on declarative sources. Facing this, FLUZO drastically reduces the need to survey thanks to the observational measurement of:

  • impacts on TV, radio, digital video/audio (including fenced gardens) and display;
  • data on online navigation, app use, Internet searches...

Surveys are used only to measure those things that cannot be analyzed passively: the campaign’s impact on brand KPIs (recall, notoriety, purchase intent...)

From post-mortem analysis to activation of real-time data

Current studies are usually done at the end of a campaign and offer advertisers little capacity for reaction.

Against this, FLUZO offers real time data with deliverables ranging from raw data to dashboards that offer advertisers total autonomy for analysis and consultation to CSVs with ad hoc tabulation.