Three advertising-related wishes for 2024

At FLUZO, we are continuously researching to extract the full potential of technology to bring us closer to all these goals. And our quest has once again borne fruit.

Jose Luis Gª Muñoz
Dec 21, 2023

2023 was an enormously positive year for FLUZO. The trust of our clients in Spain and other countries, like Mexico, Italy, Portugal, or Germany, enabled us to multiply our projects and successfully measure hundreds of cross-media campaigns in just one year. Hand in hand with our clients, our team experienced substantial growth, we forged new partnerships with key players in the industry, and, in short, our cross-media data achieved much greater recognition.

The heart of our mission remains unchanged: ensuring that advertising serves its purpose by informing consumers' purchasing decisions through compelling and timely communication. Our commitment extends to navigating the fragmented landscape, reaching target audiences effectively, all while respecting their privacy. By doing so, we shield brands from saturation, a common pitfall tarnishing the industry's reputation, and prevent wasted budgets.

In the upcoming year, 2024, we stand firm in our commitment to this mission. In fact, we're not just maintaining our course; we're revving up the engines. At FLUZO, we are focused on unlocking the full potential of technology to bring us closer to our objectives. And the fruits of our endeavors are becoming evident as we delve into the development of a groundbreaking new platform from which we have made three wishes: that it offers even better and more useful measurement, that it gives much more clues for planning and that it allows us to understand what impact campaigns have on the business.

Let's take a sneak peek into what lies ahead:

  • Advanced Measurement: Our upcoming platform is poised to redefine measurement by introducing new metrics that go beyond traditional Reach & Frequency. Tailored to the contemporary landscape of diverse media and platforms, these metrics will accommodate the uneven distribution of campaigns among different target audiences, offering a much more nuanced understanding of advertising consumption.

  • Optimized Media Plans: Armed with insights from single-source cross-media measurement, our goal is to further assist in crafting optimized media plans. This involves meticulous planning for traditional TV to avoid budget waste and audience saturation while maximizing the potential of digital platforms thanks to interoperable data. The ultimate goal is that clients can confidently determine where, how much, and when to invest to ensure their campaigns make the impact they desire.

  • Connecting Media Investment to Business Impact: Going beyond statistical projections, we aim to establish a direct link between advertising investment and business outcomes. Whether it's sales, conversions, or any business KPI, our approach transcends traditional econometric models. Advanced algorithms process information to reveal the intricate relationship between campaign reach and business success.

We have an exciting 2024 ahead of us. Would you like to be part of it?

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