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600,000 Spaniards followed the 'slam' between Nadal and Alcaraz on Netflix

A total of 595,000 Spaniards followed the exhibition match between Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz exclusively on the Netflix content platform.

Mar 15, 2024

A total of 595,000 Spanish adults with internet access followed the exhibition match between Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz on Sunday, March 3rd, exclusively organized and broadcasted by the Netflix content platform.

  • On average, these viewers spent half an hour watching the match. Additionally, almost all of this consumption occurred live. Only 5% of viewers chose to watch the match on-demand on Monday, March 4th, and beyond that day, there wasn't a significant volume of on-demand consumption.
  • In terms of gender, the reach of the match, held in Las Vegas, was proportionally higher among men than among women, with particularly pronounced viewership among men aged 25 to 44 and those over 65.
  • The Netflix 'slam' represents a new experience for OTT platforms in the realm of live content following the live broadcast of the Operación Triunfo talent show on the Prime Video platform.


To obtain these data, FLUZO integrates its proprietary audio-matching software into a user panel managed by Netquest. This integration turns the panelists' phones into mobile audimeters that detect exposure to advertising creatives or other content through mathematical fingerprints, without compromising the privacy of the panelists. This approach enables a contextual measurement that overcomes walled gardens and typical restrictions of traditional measurement methods—device-based and thus not cross-media—or digital measurement, which does not register social consumption carried out from external accounts, devices, or households.

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