68% of major advertisers' coverage is exclusive to linear TV, 3% to Digital and 29% duplicated between the two channels

We break down how the coverage of Vodafone, Carrefour and Aldi and other brands with the greatest impact in the second quarter of the year is constructed.

Sep 7, 2023

Television contributed, on average, 67.9% of the total coverage** generated by the top 20 advertisers on an exclusive basis between April and June 2023. Digital accounted for 3.4% of exclusive coverage and 28.7% was doubled between TV and digital.

This is one of the conclusions of our new ranking, which will measure, from now on and on a quarterly basis, the major cross-media video campaigns of all advertisers in the industry in Spain disaggregating the contribution of each medium.

Looking at the ranking by brand, Vodafone ads were the most viewed by Spanish internet users, reaching 95.8% of the adult population during the analysis period. Breaking down the data, we find that TV reached 57.1% of Spaniards exclusively; digital reached 1.2% of the population, while the remaining 41.7% were reached by both TV and digital platforms and media.

Ranking_incrementales_FLUZO jpg _2T 2023.jpg

In second place, but only one tenth of a point behind, is Carrefour. The supermarket chain's video advertising reached 95.7% of Spanish internet users. In this case, television reached 52.8% of the population; digital media and platforms reached 1.6% of Spaniards, while 41.7% were impacted by both channels.

In third place is another supermarket, Aldi. The third ranked supermarket managed to reach 94.2% of the population with its ads in the second quarter of the year. 53.6% were reached via TV exclusively, 1.6% via digital media and 39% saw advertising in both media.

In fourth place, there is a tie between Once and Occident, whose ads were seen by 83.9% of the population. However, if we analyse how the coverage of the two brands is constructed, we find important differences. In the case of Once, 44.3% of the population saw its advertising only on television, 6.3% only on digital and 39.6% on both channels.

In the case of Occident -previously Catalana Occidente-, the ads reached 80.3% of the population only through television. On the other hand, 0.3% saw them only on Digital, while 9.6% were impacted by both media.

Finally, the Top 5 is rounded off by Movistar. A total of 89.7% of the Spanish Internet population saw video advertising for this brand in the reference quarter. A total of 60.8% did so only on television; 2.9% on Digital and 26% on both channels.

If we average the contribution of each medium in the full top 20, we find that 58% of the population saw the big brands' ads only on TV; 2.9% only on digital media and platforms and 24.5% were impacted on both.

Download the full factsheet with our methodology by clicking here.

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