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IKEA optimises cross-media campaigns with FLUZO

Nov 2, 2023

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Incremental coverage of Digital over TV for the target.


Frequency increase in DIG for target 24-35


Monitoring campaign impact on brand with surveys


IKEA conducted its measurements through its agency, amalgamating data from different sources. While brand tracking and creative campaign evaluations were in place, the latter lacked integration with campaign delivery data. The company aimed for the global impact analysis of its campaigns and precise optimization for each target and medium, and to be able to measure the effect of the campaign on brand KPI's in an integrated way with the campaign delivery.


FLUZO produces a unified view for all audiovisual media: linear TV, Radio, or Digital media and platforms as Youtube, CTV, Spotify or Netflix. This allowed IKEA to gauge the equilibrium of impact on different target audiences and identify opportunities in less-utilized media channels. Through ongoing and meticulous analysis of data from successive campaigns, IKEA found that it's campaigns had, like those of most advertisers, lower Reach & Frequency in younger demographics. Campaign after campaign, opportunities to increase Reach & Frequency by optimising Digital emerged, thanks to the data provided by cross-media and single-source measurement.

Furthermore, the combination of exposure data with the profiling of the impacted audience and surveys regarding those who had seen the campaign allowed for a completely new and holistic understanding of the impact of campaigns on the brand and purchase intent.


FLUZO leverages on its proprietary ACR technology to establish an innovative and cookieless panel-based observational measurement that ensures secure generation of cross-media data, in-depth information about the audience, and integration with other layers of information (as declarative data) from a single-source.

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FLUZO has a presence in much of Europe and Latin America and works for some of the world's leading brands, whether they are advertisers, agencies, media or other publishers or AdTech platforms.

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