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Cross-media advertising metric enters German and Austrian markets trough FLUZO and Talk Online

Germany and Austria join Italy and Portugal in Europe, or Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia in Latin America, where FLUZO is already active.

Jun 21, 2023

Talk Online and FLUZO have reached a partnership to introduce a cross-media measurement standard for advertising effectiveness in Germany and Austria. With this collaboration, advertisers in these markets gain access to a unified Reach & Frequency metric encompassing various media platforms, including TV, connected TV, YouTube, OTTs like Netflix and Disney, online video and audio environments, and display advertising.

This innovative solution enables advertisers to discern the incremental value of each media channel within their campaigns, identify audience overlaps, identify potential saturation points, and ultimately optimize their media plans. By leveraging this comprehensive data, advertisers can strategically design combinations that maximize reach without increasing their budget.


Under the partnership agreement, FLUZO integrates its Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) audio technology with Talk Online's population-representative user panels. By harnessing this technology, panel member’s mobile phones are transformed into "individual portable people meters" capable of passively and observationally measure media consumption both inside and outside the home, for all media including TV, CTV, OTTs like Netflix, Online Video, Radio, On-demand audio like Spotify and so on.

The data about advertising exposure collected through this innovative approach **can be combined with other data sets from the same panel, **including declarative information obtained from surveys, as well as panel member’s digital behaviour data such as browsing history, Google searches, and app usage. This comprehensive data on the same panel enables the measurement of campaign impact and the evaluation of its effectiveness by analyzing changes in brand-related variables like recall, as well as tracking traffic activation towards specific digital assets.

According to Jose Luis García, FLUZO’s CEO, "Our entry into Germany and Austria with Talk Online is a crucial step in the internationalization of our cross-media measurement standard for advertising. In a market of approximately $30 billion in annual advertising spend, advertisers in this region will benefit from a unified view of their campaigns that will help them optimize their media plans and, ultimately, their budgets. As for Talk Online, it is a guarantee of quality in data collection and panel management".

Anita Primo, CEO of Talk Online adds: “Since its founding, Talk Online has focused on providing quality data for media and advertising research. Through this partnership with Fluzo, Tal Online is further strengthening its focus on holistic media and ad measurement and rounding up its market- and data research portfolio.

About Talk Online

The Talk Group is running online panels with a deep profiling in 25 countries with 1.3 million active members in the German-speaking area and Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. The company maintains offices throughout Europe and stands for high data quality, outstanding expertise in panel management and comprehensive compliance with data protection regulations. Talk uses the highest standards in IT and project management and was certified according to ISO 20252.

Talk has specialized in "Full Service Digital Data Collection" and offers comprehensive services for online surveys as well as Behavioral Data Collection. This includes Passive Metering, Cookie Tracking as well as Geolocation and Audio Listening Tracking.

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