Introducing our panel-partners

FLUZO has strategic partnership with companies that they deploy our technology, on each country, across groups of individuals that represent the countries populations, ensuring privacy protection, enriching our solutions and delivering FLUZO internationally.


Single-Source Data

In our single source data model, different types of data are derived from the same viewer: from observational data on exposure to any media, to other types of data, such as surveys or digital behavioral data. This provides a single, complete view of the impact of an advertising investment, truly disaggregated, avoiding duplications and blind spots.


Privacy first

In a cookie-less world where privacy is increasingly important, working with panels ensures that data collection is carried out according to the highest security standards and in an ultra-protected environment.


Finely tuned

The panels with which we work are specially calibrated for the measurement of advertising effectiveness and the representation of commercial targets. All of them are benchmarks in the industry for their high quality standards and have the highest certifications.


Who are we working with?