FLUZO's core

Audio ACR

At the core of our value proposition is our audio-based ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) technology, developed by FLUZO to perfect advertising measurement.

How does it work?

FLUZO's technology processes any piece of audio into a pattern of audio fingerprints that are stored in a huge online library. When FLUZO software is integrated into a cell phone, it scans the device's audio-environment through the microphone to observationally detect matches that indicate the individual has been exposed to certain content or advertisements.


One hundred percent safe

In a world increasingly aware of the importance of protecting users' privacy, FLUZO and its panel-based model are a guarantee. Its software does not store audio, but rather the algorithm extracts the audio fingerprint, a mathematical representation, in a process that is irrevocable and unidirectional.

In addition, FLUZO works with panels that integrate the technology with the explicit and informed consent of the panelists, in accordance with the legislation in force in each country.


State of the Art ACR

FLUZO technology has been carefully designed from the ground up and refined over time to become the state of the art in the field, adapting to the particular needs of advertising and content measurement: pinpoint accuracy, speed and efficiency. FLUZO integrates via SDK into mobile apps, both Android and iOS, and its use does not impact battery consumption, data consumption, or mobile usage in any noticeable way for the user.