The evolution of media and advertising research

Enhance knowledge and decision-making related to media content and advertising planning through unified (single-source) measurement of media, devices and consumption habits.

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What difference does Fluzo bring to measurement?

What we do

Our measurement is based on passive observation, without surveys, and unifies what each person watches or listens to on TV, Radio, Online Video and other audiovisual media.

Get Answers about people's behavior
towards the media that until now were impossible to answer reliably
How FLUZO technology works

Find out how we do it

In collaboration with research panel companies, single-source data providers are created: For the same panelists, these sources are the combination of Fluzo's passively-measured (no survey) data and the research panel company’s data regarding their profile, survey responses and more.

These single-source data sources provide a unified and accurate picture of media consumption that marketers, advertising, media and research professionals use for decision making or to create high-value studies.

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with single-source data that provides you a unique picture of media consumption.

Who do we work with

We work with the leading players in the media and advertising industry.
We put a new generation of research into advertising effectiveness at your service.

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