The cross-media measurement standard for advertising effectiveness

Maximize 20% of your media budget by highlighting inefficiencies and uncovering hidden possibilities in your cross-media media plans.

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Advertisers are inefficiently spending their media budgets

TV, CTV, TikTok, YouTube, Netflix... Advertising has become extremely fragmented, with advertisers using multiple media and channels simultaneously as part of a single campaign.

❌ Problems begin when measuring who -and how many times- is watching a campaign. Each of the media report their own metrics and audience universes, which leads to overlaps between media and excessive frequencies that harm the brand.


A fully cross-media, seamless and actionable measurement

FLUZO enables a cookie-less measurement with 3 main features:

✔️ NATIVE CROSS-MEDIA: All media speak the same language (apples with apples!) which unlocks a whole new point of view for your campaigns. Forget about metric reconciliation or multiple data-sets aggregation.

✔️ SEAMLESS: We measure from a single-source, passively, skipping walled gardens; at home and away. We measure people's consumption, not devices!

✔️ ACTIONABLE: We draw conclusions when the campaign is still on air so that advertisers are not held captive until its conclusion and can make decisions for optimization.

Make accurate decisions
with single-source data that provides you a unique picture of media consumption.

Products tailored to advertiser needs

Our products place the advertiser at the center and are completely tailored to their budget optimization and reporting requirements. They solve 3 major pain points:

  • THE OVERSPEND PROBLEM: FLUZO offers insights on real cross-media effective frequencies to avoid over-spend and Brand damage.

  • THE HEROIC TASK OF REPORTING: FLUZO drastically simplifies reporting in cross-media campaigns, eliminating blind spots and unsolvable questions that can create friction in your organization.

  • THE POST-MORTEM ANALYSIS: FLUZO allows advertisers to optimize their media budgets before the campaign ends, which allows decisions to be made to actually maximize the investment.

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