Our technology

A technological solution that solves the challenges posed by growing media fragmentation.

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State of the Art ACR

At the core of FLUZO’s proposal is its proprietary ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) technology, based on audio fingerprinting.

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Ultra-efficient SDK

FLUZO’s ACR technology is integrated via SDK into mobile apps, both in IOS and Android.

This SDK is highly efficient and does not perceptibly impact the user’s battery consumption, data use or cell phone functioning.

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Compliant with GDPR and other standards

Users' privacy is guaranteed by complying with the regulations of each country or region
where FLUZO operates.

  • The original audio is not stored anywhere.
  • The fingerprints are irreversible.
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Contextual Data

FLUZO has a set of solutions to continuously measure TV channels, radio, content from on-demand sources (OTTs and digital) and to integrate on-demand content, as well as other data sources.

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